About Me

Headshot At National 2013

Photo credit: Talia Surova

In grade school, I couldn’t get enough of books that transported me to other worlds and times. I vowed to write my own novels some day. In college, I continued studies in French and Latin and added Russian (so I could read more books!) on my way to a B.A. in World Literature. After graduating and a few crude attempts at writing adventure novels and epic literary fiction, I worked at various jobs in the business world, ultimately landing a technical writing and software consulting gig.

Having devoted most of my adult reading to the folklore and classics of cultures around the world, I picked up a historical romance at an airport shop one day and became instantly hooked. Burned out from Y2K software updates, I put the brakes on my career and went back to my original passion, writing. I joined RWA, studied the craft, and began penning romances set in my favorite of all time periods, the Middle Ages. There’s just nothing like a strong man in chain mail tripping over his feet for his ladylove!

Born in California and raised in Ohio, I now reside in Indiana with my college sweetheart husband and two fluffy white dogs named Emma and Charlie. When I’m not inhabiting the drafty old castles of my imagination, I’m often out working in my garden or reading about the latest dramatic archaeological find. I love knowing all sorts of inconsequential trivia, from the species of birds in the backyard to the lyrics in the dramatic finale of Gounod’s Faust.

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